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01 Aug


How To Thoroughly Clean Your Retainer

August 1, 2018 | By |

You had better make sure you know how to keep the retainer free of bacteria and clean if your orthodontist has fitted you with the same for straightening your teeth. You will not regret following the cleaning instructions if you wake up in the morning to find the retainer fitted by your Embrace orthodontist has become a self-sustaining bacterial ecosystem. Do not worry in case you did not pay attention when your orthodontist was talking to you about the “Intro to Retainers.” We have provided below the retainer cleaning information you need.

How to Clean Your Retainer Thoroughly

We asked Dr. Ramune, the Embrace orthodontist in Edmonton, to share her views about which materials are ideal for cleaning retainers, and we shall now share his professional tips with you. Do not forget that these instructions are for retainers made from acrylic and metal wires.

1. Use toothpaste along with a soft toothbrush.

Do not use tartar control toothpaste in case you choose to use the toothpaste and toothbrush method, as it contains abrasive ingredients. You should avoid abrasive toothpaste and only use a soft toothbrush, as repeated scrubbing can scratch the acrylic surface of the retainer, and scratches on retainers are an ideal place for bacteria to hide. Thoroughly scrub your retainer on all sides, but never use force as you can thoroughly clean a retainer without using force that causes scratches.

2. Use denture cleaner, as they are not meant just for toothless individuals.

Individuals using retainers for straightening their teeth can use them too. You can use popular denture cleaners such as Dentasoak, Polident, and Efferdent to clean your retainers. Soak the retainer in the denture cleaner for the duration as mentioned in the instruction sheet accompanying the cleanser. Rinse it and clean the surface gently with a soft toothbrush after you have soaked it for the recommended amount of time.

3. Use mouthwash.

Once you have confirmed that the mouthwash does not contain alcohol, use it to clean your retainers, as alcohol can potentially damage the retainer acrylic. Once you have found several nonalcoholic types of mouthwash, select clear one, as this prevents discoloration of the retainer. In case you have a non-alcoholic mouthwash soak the retainer in it for 60 minutes, following which you should remove it and scrub it gently using a soft toothbrush.

4. You can use distilled white vinegar as well.

If you like to use organic products for your hygiene or want to find a cleaner, which is already available in your house; use distilled white vinegar. Mix three parts water to 1 part vinegar in a cup and soak the retainer in this mixture for approximately 15 minutes. Follow this by using a soft toothbrush to gently brush the retainer.

More Retainer Cleaning Tips by Dr. Ramune

I already mentioned above that you ought to avoid mouthwash that contains alcohol. However, we would like to specify that you should only search for cleaners that may contain Lysol or alcohol. It is a good idea to carefully check the ingredients of the cleanser you are planning to use to clean your retainers.

You may have observed that all of the suggestions mentioned above for cleaning your retainer also included gentle scrubbing using a soft toothbrush. It is ideal to opt for a gentle brushing after a cleansing soak for wire and acrylic and wire retainers, ensuring that you have cleaned all of the crannies and nooks thoroughly.

It is a bad idea to use bleach to clean your retainer. Apart from being a harsh chemical for your retainer, it is preferable not to get bleach in your mouth. Never use bleach for cleaning a retainer even if someone recommends it.

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01 Aug


Broken Brace’s Brackets

August 1, 2018 | By |

What To Do When You Break Your Brace’s Brackets?

Occasionally broken brackets are one of the most frequent problems that arise when wearing traditional braces. They can break for some reasons, due to the fragility of the brackets. These include using a toothpick or flossing too roughly, eating the wrong types of foods, brushing your teeth incorrectly, injuring your mouth, and brushing too vigorously. It is vital to know what to do if this situation takes place while you have braces.

Assess the Damage

If you break a bracket on your braces, the first thing to do is to assess the damage. If the wire is attached to the bracket, leave it in place. You can use a cotton swab to push it back into place gently if it is still attached but sticking out. Use orthodontic wax to secure the bracket in its position until you get the opportunity to visit the orthodontist when the bracket is in the correct place. It may be best just to remove the bracket, if it has come completely loose from the wire, and bring it with you when you visit Embrace Ortho.

Regain Control of the Situation

You should examine the wires to assess their state when you realize that a bracket on your braces has become loose. You can clip long and protruding wires with a pair of nail clippers. Perform this action as close to the teeth as possible. You can push back some more extended parts of the wire into their initial position close to the teeth. Cover the area with orthodontic wax to ensure that you do not wind up with wires cutting the interior of your cheeks or mouth.

Visit the Orthodontist

Schedule an appointment with Embrace Ortho to have the broken brackets repaired if you are unable to fix them temporarily by yourself. Factors such as the degree of damage to the bracket and amount of discomfort determine how soon you need to visit Embrace depends. Make sure you bring any broken parts in with you if you need to visit before your next scheduled appointment for repairing your brackets. This allows Embrace Orthodontics to get your orthodontic care back on track s they will be able to make repairs more efficiently.

braces brackets

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Tips for Care as You Wait for Your Appointment

It may seem like there is nothing you can do before your scheduled appointment if you suffer from a broken bracket and have to visit Embrace to get it repaired and reattached. However, you can prepare yourself for the appointment by taking specific steps. Rinse your mouth regularly with salt water to hasten the healing process. To avoid any further damage to the bracket, try to eat soft foods like fresh bread, yogurt, and boiled eggs. Avoid crunchy or hard foods such as sticky candies, raw carrots, and apples. You can purchase products that will heal and soothe your mouth if you are suffering from mouth sores due to broken archwires or broken bracket. You can also take over the counter painkillers to reduce discomfort.

The loosened bracket is one more problem that individuals who wear braces might face. As has been stated earlier numerous reasons can cause this problem to occur such as injuring your mouth, eating certain types of food, flossing your teeth roughly or even brushing your teeth in a rough manner. You will need to assess the situation, if you face this problem occurs, contact us as required, and prepare yourself for visiting Embrace Ortho. Embrace should be able to reattach your broken bracket to your tooth if you bring the same with you so that you can continue your curative treatment instantaneously. In case you are a patient of Embrace, who is in need of orthodontic care or has a broken bracket, contact Embrace Orthodontics for treatment. You can rest assured that the specialists of Embrace will fix the problem in a short period and you can start your healthy life after that.

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