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Orthodontics Retention Procedures


Once the braces are removed, you enter into the final and perhaps the most important stage of treatment called retention. In this stage, we use custom-fit retainers to keep your teeth stable in their new positions. The retention period varies from patient to patient and may last for about 24 months, or until the bones and gums stabilize around the roots.

Usually, the results from this final stage depend on your retainer wear. We schedule several specific Edmonton orthodontist clinic appointments in the first year after removing all the orthodontic appliances to check your retainers and also monitor the alignment of your teeth. It is however important that you follow the wearing instructions provided, to ensure the overall success of your treatment. Always remember to remove the retainers before brushing and during eating. Keep them in the retainer case away from high temperatures. Retainers are incredibly fragile and therefore need careful handling.