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Emergency Info

What to Do in Case of Orthodontic Emergencies

Orthodontic EmergenciesEven the most diligent patients can sometimes face unexpected problems with their orthodontic appliances. Do not panic because we are here to help you! The first step is to contact our dentists so we can discuss the nature of your problem and either help you get comfortable over the phone or schedule an emergency office appointment.

The most common orthodontic emergencies with braces and orthodontic appliances include irritation from wires, loose brackets, and lost or missing separators. If any of these occur, they can be fixed at our office, however, there are a few things you can do at home in the meantime:

Loose Brackets or Bands

If one of your brackets or bands becomes loose though it may not seem like a major orthodontic emergency, it will need an emergency to be re-attached asap. You should call our office to schedule an appointment. Save the loose pieces of the appliance and bring them with you for your appointment.

Wire Irritations

If a wire becomes dislodged or partially disconnected, it might cause some discomfort. A cotton swab works well to move the wire away from the sensitive tissue. Press the end gently away from where it is rubbing. You can also cap the end with a small piece of dental wax or cotton. If this does not help, you may need to clip the offending piece of wire using small scissors or a pair of fingernail clippers that have been washed in warm soapy water and disinfected in alcohol. Be careful to not break off any of your brackets in the process.

Lost Separators

During treatment, a separator may be lost. You do not need to worry about this. Simply call our office and we will determine if and when it should be replaced.

Discomfort with Orthodontic Treatment

In general, most patients might experience some level of discomfort during orthodontic emergencies treatment. This sensitivity varies from patient to patient but usually is during the first few days after the braces are placed or immediately after routine adjustments. You can take over-the-counter pain relievers such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or naproxen to improve the comfort.

If you need orthodontic emergencies assistance, feel free to contact our best orthodontist in Edmonton now!