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Adult Treatment

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Beautiful Healthy Smiles Can Be Created At Any Age

It is never too late to improve your smile! Today, many adults are embracing orthodontic treatment to benefit from corrections of malaligned teeth, crowding, disproportionate jaw relationships and many other problems. In fact, here at Embrace Orthodontics, adults compose 30% of our practice! We are proud to offer a wide variety of treatment modalities that are most suitable for adults in terms of esthetics and efficient treatment timing. Our main goal, as always, is a terrific new smile and a much healthier bite no matter the age.

Adult Orthodontics – Benefits Beyond the Attractive Smile

So why consider orthodontic treatment as an adult? A confident beautiful smile is a significant benefit but not the only one. There are many good reasons to consider orthodontics including improved health of your gums, reduced wear of enamel, better environment for the TMJ, easier oral hygiene with reduced tooth decay, and better bite to accommodate ideal restorations.

Since adults, in general, are more motivated and compliant with orthodontic treatment, you can expect excellent results with reduced treatment times. We understand the importance of being confident with your smile while in treatment, therefore, here at Embrace Orthodontics we offer a wide range of esthetic treatment options, including the modern self-ligating appliances, invisible ceramic braces, custom designed Incognito® lingual braces and Invisalign®.

Accelerated Orthodontics – Innovative Treatment Approach

For those that are interested to be in and out of treatment in less than 10 months, you’ll be pleased to know that Dr. Sileikyte provides a unique treatment option known as Accelerated Orthodontics (WilckodonticsTM). Wilckodontics is an advanced orthodontic technique which increases treatment efficiency 3-4 times compared to standard treatment. It is an ideal approach for moderate to very complex cases and offers numerous periodontal (gums and bone) benefits. In some instances in can eliminate the need for surgical jaw repositioning with improved facial and smile esthetics.

If you are interested in exploring your treatment options and taking your smile to the next step, please contact us. You can have a healthy and confident smile at any age!